Terrigal - Wamberal Lions Club

District 201N3 New South Wales Australia

History of merged clubs

Club History by Walt Roset

The current Lions Club of Terrigal-Wamberal, established in 1960, is very proud of its long and successful history. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in September 2010.

Long serving Lion, Barry Shepherd, has for years stored many of the official records of the Terrigal Lions and from 1997 official records and equipment of the Terrigal-Wamberal Lions Club. Barry retired from Lions in September 2010. We thank him for all he has done. He will remain in our memories and our history.

Terrigal Lions Club

It started with Terrigal Lions Club which was chartered by the Woy Woy Lions Club in 1960. Marsh Stedman was Terrigal Lions first president.

In 1980 the Lions Club of Wamberal was formed and chartered by the Lions Club of Killarney-Bateau. Its first president was Phil Christie. Two of the original Charter members of Wamberal Lions Club, Dr. Doug Malley and Walt Roset, remained as active members of Terrigal-Wamberal Lions Club until they retired early in 2009. Both clubs have provided considerable financial and manual assistance to deserving causes over the years and have always tried to help local communities as a priority.

As with all Lions clubs throughout the world we are associated with both national and international projects as well as local ones. One of Lions International greatest projects is the Save-Sight Campaign which continues to save the sight of millions of people in third world countries.

Terrigal Lions Club,s biggest project, back in the 1970s, was the buying of a block of land in Wamberal and then building a quality brick and tile house on it. The Club later sold the house to raise funds.

At that time several of the club members were in the building trade which greatly assisted the project. Many other members of the club also helped during the construction. The house was well built and still stands today. It has had a few owners over the years. (Details of the house building project above thanks to information confirmed in 2008 by Ron Henry, a life member who joined our club in 1971. Lion Ron passed away on September 10 2009, aged 92, and always will be remembered by Lions and many more outside the Lions organisation.)

There were many other projects.

Terrigal Lions commenced on 21st September 1960 with 28 members. It was club number 166 in Australia and the fourth on the Central Coast. The Charter night was held at The Florida Hotel Terrigal. On that beachfront site now stands the 5 star Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The Terrigal Senior Citizens of today started out from what was originally the Terrigal Lions Library and Recreational Club that was based the old RSL Clubroom next to Terrigal Bowling Club. The club was the first Lions Club to conduct Art Shows, firstly at the Florida Hotel, and later at Erina Public Hall and Terrigal Scout Hall.

For years the club organised an annual Orange Blossom Festival which did a lot to promote the area as a tourist destination. Many people today would surprised to hear that Terrigal was not all that long ago a producer of oranges. North Eastern hillsides are the perfect locations for orange orchards.

In the early days and as a continuing project the club also did a lot of work building picnic sheds and BBQ facilities improving the Lions Park at Terrigal Drive and Willoughby Road. Currently it is a pleasant lagoon side park with facilities all supplied by the Club. This park is the site where the current Terrigal-Wamberal Lions started their monthly Lions Car Boot Sale in 2003.

Wamberal Lions Club

Wamberal Lions Club,s biggest project was in the early 1980s when it became involved in a building project in the very early years. They actually built the first school for Autistic children outside of Sydney. It is the Terrigal Autistic Children,s School at Duffys Road Terrigal and it was opened in 1983. A huge number of hours were spent by Wamberal Lions, both during the week and on weekends, to complete the project. Some generous local contractors also donated much of their time. We received excellent assistance as well as building advice from the Avoca Lions Club and wish to again thank them for that valuable contribution.

The club had offered to help build a school for autistic children on the Central Coast and was trying to work out a plan as to how they could achieve it. The project was looking to be more difficult every week. A Wamberal Lion, Clive Staniland, surprised club members when, at a club meeting, he generously offered his own house to the club. He had been thinking about building a new house on his Central Coast Highway property at Wamberal and decided he could help Lions in a major way to build the school for autistic children by donating his current house. Being a solidly constructed 3 bedroom timber house Wamberal Lions contracted a house moving company to cut the house into parts. Each part was then moved very slowly on huge trucks from Wamberal to its new site at Terrigal. Club members then commenced the long and arduous work on making it into a property suitable to be a school.

Wamberal Lions (with a membership of 29 then) were able to raise $18,000 which included many donations, the club,s Big Jumble Sale and numerous raffle tickets. Over 6,000 man hours were spent on the project.

Wamberal Lions received the annual Community Service Award from the Sydney Morning Herald for this project and were presented with the award at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. During 2008 a large building extension was opened at the Terrigal Children,s Autistic School. This time it was beyond Terrigal-Wamberal Lions Club,s ability to fund such a large project. However we are very proud to see the magnificent progress the school has made since the early 80s when we built the first school. We acknowledge and remain thankful for the generous assistance of the Lions Club of Avoca Beach, the Lions Club of Budgewoi, Gosford City Council, Electrical Contractors Association of the Central Coast, Probation and Parole Service of the Central Coast, Contract Bricklayers and Nurserymen,s Association of the Central Coast. Other organisations and individuals also assisted us in making this project a success. The club received excellent publicity for this project from Radio 2GO, The Gosford Star, Central Coast Express and The Entrance Guardian.

Wamberal Lions Club formed and set up two new Lions Clubs within their area. The first was the Wamberal Lioness Club and later the Erina Lions Club.

The Wamberal Lioness Club was chartered in November 1983 while Wamberal,s President was Lion Dr Doug Malley. Wamberal Lion Phil Christie (first President of Wamberal Lions) organised the starting of this club with then Deputy District Governor Keith Morris. Phil had located 12 ladies to join the new club within one week.

Wamberal Lioness Club,s first President was Roma Dobson (wife of Wamberal Lion Reg Dobson, Wamberal Postmaster). Joan Innes was first Secretary. The first Treasurer was Helen Christie, wife of Wamberal Lions first President.

The club operated extremely well from November 1983 until June 1996 and made a real contribution to the community. The club was always represented at Conventions, both District and National, thanks to Mary Shaw and Roy. Unfortunately the club finally closed down due to declining membership. Three of the original members of the Wamberal Lioness Club were still active members when the club closed. They were Helen Christie, Pat Stokes and Pratti Patel.

The second club chartered by the Wamberal Lions Club was the Erina Lions Club, the first Lions club chartered in Australia with all female members, on 15th April 1989 at Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford. It was the intention of the Wamberal Lions Club to create a successful Lions Club with only female Lions. Wamberal Lions met regularly with the Erina Lions Club and fully supported their activities.

Erina Lions operated extremely well for some years. Wamberal Lions Club was most disappointed to see the Erina Lions Club also close due to declining membership. Much time and effort was spent by Wamberal Lions Club to prevent the closure of this club.

Past Presidents Terrigal Lions Club and Wamberal Lions Club

Terrigal Lions Club

1960-61 Marsh Stedman (Charter President) 1961-62 Marsh Stedman 1962-63 Don Hudson 1963-64 Bruce Plowman 1964-65 Keith Goldthorpe 1965-66 Doug Grainger 1966-67 Joe Driscoll 1967-68 Bill Tame 1968-69 Gordon Brown 1969-70 Bill Birch 1970-71 Stan Poulter 1971-72 Athol Gleeson 1972-73 Charles Pierce 1973-74 Gordon Gillies 1974-75 Stewart Benson 1975-76 Norm Ferguson 1976-77 Don Robertsom 1977-78 Bert Clifford 1978-79 Ron Toomer 1979-80 Paul Bray 1980-81 Sweyne Munroe and George Grove 1981-82 George Grove 1982-83 George Grove 1983-84 Vin Bridges 1984-85 Vin Bridges 1985-86 Brian Fuller 1986-87 John Sneyd and Marsh Stedman 1987-88 Mick Wilson 1988-89 Barry Shepherd 1989-90 Vin Bridges 1990-91 Barry Stokes 1991-92 Barry Stokes 1992-93 Morrie Sutherland 1993-94 Morrie Sutherland 1994-95 Kevin Brown 1995-96 George Grove JUL96-Oct 96 George Grove

Wamberal Lions Club

1980-81 Phil Christie (Charter President) 1981-82 Bob Rudd 1982-83 Kevin Cutrupi 1983-84 Doug Malley 1984-85 Derek Adams 1985-86 John Wallace 1986-87 Leo Stocker 1987-88 Walt Roset 1988-89 Ron Way/George Twinning 1989-90 George Twinning 1990-91 Bill Diebert 1991-92 Darryl Turley 1992-93 Bill Clayton 1993-94 Eric Sykes 1994-95 Eric Sykes 1995-96 Peter Berriman and Doug Malley JUL96-Oct 96 Ian Lea