Terrigal - Wamberal Lions Club

District 201N3 New South Wales Australia

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Terrigal - Wamberal Lions Club Officers 2020-2021


Club President: Diane Lewis
Secretary: John Hughes
Treasurer: Rita Worling



Terrigal - Wamberal Lions Club Brief History



1960: Terrigal Lions Club was chartered by the Woy Woy Lions Club with Marsh Stedman as Terrigal Lions first president.

1980: Wamberal Lions Club was formed and chartered by the Lions Club of Killarney-Bateau with Phil Christie as first president.

1997: Terrigal Lions Club and Wamberal Lions Club merge to create the current Lions Club of Terrigal-Wamberal.

1998: First project was the hosting of the annual Lions District 201N3 Convention at Terrigal Memorial Country Club organised and managed by Lion Eric Sykes.

1999: The first Giant Christmas Trailer Raffle held. It operated for many years and raised funds to support deserving local causes.

2003: First Lions Market which is still held on the first Sunday of every month at Terrigal Lagoon Reserve, Terrigal. Instigated and managed by Dr Doug Malley until his retirement from Lions in 2009. This is the major fund raiser for the Terrigal-Wamberal Lions Club.

2010: 50th Anniversary of the Club.

For a more detailed historical record written by a retired member of the Club, click here.



Past Presidents of Terrigal-Wamberal Lions Club





1999-00 John Turner 2000-01 Terry Ebert 2001-02 Walt Roset

2002-03 George Grove 2003-04 John Turner 2004-05 Bob Howie

2005-06 Don Chandler 2006-07 Tim Woodham 2007-08 Doug Malley

2008-09 Geoff Chapple 2009-10 Geoff Chapple 2010-11 Tim Woodham

2011-12 Diane Lewis 2012-13 Diane Lewis 2013-14 Drayton Taylor

2014-15 Drayton Taylor 2015-16 Drayton Taylor 2016-17 Terry Ebert

2017-18 Terry Ebert     2018-19 Terry Ebert 2019-20 Diane Lewis





Melvin Jones Fellowships

Listed in order of date of nomination:

John G Sneyd, Eric J Sykes, Jack Anastas, Ralph J Bridges, E. Ian Lea,

Walt P. Roset, Barry K. Shepherd, Douglas Malley, John Goodwin,

Shamus O'Reilly, John Lewis